At Renew Urban Theatre, we're experienced at handling a wide arrangement of theatre and art house needs. We understand the scheduling demands modern theaters face and correct sequencing is crucial to success. That's why we provide a turn-key service to install new theaters or to bring new life to existing theaters. We already know the unique challenges that often arise during the installation of a new theatre or the renovation of an existing art house; from scaffolding arrangement to acoustic attenuation, we're here to handle the process for you. 


Imax Screen installation

Front end construction


Nothing is impossible

Screens: RUT can provide and install all screens in their chosen finish from giant formats to viewing rooms.

Sound: A quality sound system is key for a custom and immersive atmosphere. 

Seating & Tables: Premium seating has become the new standard in the movie going experience. Let us help you design and install your new seating and table solutions. With our employees now certified to install VIP Cinema Seating and Irwin Seating, we're prepared to handle any custom seating request.

Wall Coverings: RUT can design and install quality acoustic theatre drapery including wall carpet, sewn designs, and wall panels. 

Masking Systems: Let us design and install the most effective frames, modern masking systems, and complete sewing packages for your project.

VIP Seating remodel

Independent art house renovation

VIP SPORT Arena Seating   

VIP SPORT Arena Seating